avoid injury CrossFit training

Five tips to avoid injury during your CrossFit training

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  Designed to test your mind, push your limits and challenge your body, CrossFit isn’t just exercise. As a performance-based, endurance-testing training method, it’s a way of life that not only forms your body but can completely change your mindset. The constant variations and different styles of workouts mean CrossFit always keeps you on your…
Preventing Hand Tears

The Ultimate Guide For Preventing And Repairing Hand Tears

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CrossFit is an incredibly rewarding sport. It builds muscle mass, helps you to lose fat, tones the body and increases overall fitness… it’s also lots of fun. However, when you’re talking about kettlebells, weightlifting and pull-ups, your hands can sometimes suffer. Hand tears are when the sensitive skin on your palms gets rough, blistered, sore…
Daily Eating Habits

Daily Eating Habits That Set You Up For Success

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To become the fittest version of yourself, diet is as important as exercise. You need to make the right choices to get the best results. Here are five quick tips for good eating habits which will help you achieve better results, faster. Start your day right  When you jump out of bed, start your day…

CrossFit Training Tips If You’re Over Weight

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If you’re struggling with your weight, you’re not alone. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), almost 40% of adults around the world have a similar problem. While obesity can make life an incredible struggle, the amazing thing is that at any moment of any day you can start the process to reverse it.  …


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  The CrossFit Kitchen: Super Radical Tri-Tip with Balsamic Apple Compote Take a break from those wall balls and double-unders and get in the kitchen to start cooking because after you watch this video, it’s not only the title you’ll want a mouthful of.   This recipe includes tri-tip which is a type on beef…

Nick Massie’s Thai Turkey Throwdown

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Let’s face it, it’s impossible to eat clean 100% of the time and still provide your body with enough calories in order to keep up with your workouts and overall active lifestyle so move your workout to the kitchen, lift that turkey and start cooking! Every great workout should be paired with a great meal…
Training Tips New Mums

Training Tips For Brand New Mums

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If you’ve just become a Mum, firstly, congratulations on your new family member!  If you’re a brand-new Mum then the thought of exercising probably isn’t high on your priority list. There’s feeding routines, hormones and of course sleep to focus on! Pregnancy, birth and the early baby stages are physically and mentally exhausting, plus, you…

The Biggest Misconceptions About Weight Lifting

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One of the biggest misunderstandings about CrossFit is that your local box is only for muscle-bound meatheads.   People tend to associate the weights and other equipment with Schwarzenegger-style bodybuilders. They feel like this could never be them, or they don’t want to be like them, so they stay away.   Big mistake!   Weights…

Destress Your Day – How CrossFit Improves Your Mental Health

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Do you feel burned out at work or overwhelmed by family life? Are you looking for a productive way to break out of your routine? CrossFit might be the perfect solution. The CrossFit Hype What is CrossFit all about anyway?   Greg Glassman, the founder of CrossFit, explains CrossFit as a mixture of weightlifting, gymnastics,…

What Does A CrossFit Session Involve?

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This is a workout like no other! Here’s what to expect Welcome to CrossFit! You’ve signed up because you love a challenge and you want to push yourself and see how far you can go. People sign up to CrossFit to reach their fitness goals, but they stay for the camaraderie and the ‘high’ you…