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Western Port's CrossFit Gym


Janard Lewis

“I joined Crossfit for the first time ever early this year and let’s just say, I was nervous, shy and VERY anxious about trying something new. Jodie was excellent prior to me joining, answering all my questions, giving me advice and inviting me to come in for a free session. I didn’t feel pressured or pushed to join like how some places have been when I enquire. I went in and I was welcomed with open arms by all the coaches and the friendly faces. I was helped every step of the way with my form and scaling to suit what I was capable of. It was never an issue for me to ask questions and everyone really looked out for each other. By far the best decision I’ve made in regards to my health and fitness. Love this place.”

Yasmin Jean

“The main thing about joining a box or gym is feeling comfortable and welcome at each session. Xfit Hastings does not single anyone out nor do have favourites. Everyone is equal and the environment is warming! You guys have done an incredible job! The trainers are unreal and there programming is to the T. I turned up to a session feeling tired and lethargic, I turn around and Paul handed me a coffee! legend! I hope one day I move back to Melbourne to re-join but until then I’ll continue to follow all your journey and see how far you guys go! Thank you for the great experience and keep doing what your doing!”

Minka Leman

“So happy I decided to join Crossfit Hastings as a foundation member as I have had the pleasure of seeing this lovely warm family business grow to the amazing place it is today & seen amazing results in myself & others with strength, fitness & overall health! If you want positive health & fitness results, 1st class coaching & a supportive & friendly environment then Crossfit Hastings is for you!”

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